The Interesting Phenomena Called Online Recharge

Let’s start with the statistics first.

•    The leading three countries in the world with the highest number of internet users are – China, India, and the USA. It is as per the latest available data.

•    There are about 4 billion active users of the internet today in the world.

•    In 2017 retail e-commerce that is online shopping touched 2.3 trillion dollars world over.

•    People use their personal computer more often to place orders while shopping online and recharge utility services.

With the introduction of 3G and 4G services and initiatives under Digital India are ensuring that 90% of mobile users in rural and urban parts of India get internet on their handset through data-enabled services by the end of this decade. With such a significant thrust from all co-related agencies, it is undoubtedly going to be a cakewalk with growing subscribers of mobile data plans and fixed line internet subscribers.

The point is that there will be increased traffic online in the coming years. Hence merchants of different utility services, as well as resellers, need to upgrade up their facilities and the backend technologies as there can be no compensation to quality service. All facilities like recharge, paying bills and shopping related payments online need to happen quick, fast and smooth at any cost. With this ever increasing traffic the likelihood of new players entering the online industry as service providers, third-party retailers and resellers are also high. Current players need to be ready and geared up to face the competition.

Increasing traffic also means that there will be more opportunities for criminals to interfere with the working of websites and muddle with private and personal information of millions of people who conduct online activities like shopping, paying for bills, transfer money or recharge essential services. Hence, customers need to be equally responsible too. Before jumping into trusting any website or App for carrying out tasks related to online recharge and settlement of bills they need to look at the safety issues. They should find answers to some critical questions:-

a.    Payment gateway – Read through the site or related pages on the payment gateway being used by the reseller site or the App. This is one of the most important features that need checking.

b.    What are all services registered with the reseller? Some of them have an extensive list to choose from – starting from electricity suppliers to movie halls to restaurant services to mobile recharging options. Some have limited scope.

c.    How many operators or service providers per service are on the aggregator’s list? The more the providers enlisted, the more confident the consumers to feel about using the reseller site.

d.    What are the different cashback deals and offers that are being provided by the reseller? With plenty of scopes here, this should form an essential part of the marketing strategy of the reseller.

e.    And finally what does online experts and other customers say about this aggregator or reseller. It is essential to read through online reviews thoroughly.