The Benefits and Specifics of Gunshot Detection Systems

Due to advanced technology, a system has been created to provide security against crime, vandalism and gun fire. This technology creates a perimeter around specific zones or valuable assets. When a threat is detected, the system reports to a security management system or user interface. A gunshot causes vibrations in the ground that can be read by a seismograph. This signal can be easily detected from a minimum of 500m. When the gasses exit the barrel of the gun, an acoustic wave is generated and spreads in all different directions. This is what is detected by the gunfire locator. The vibrations are then processed automatically through a deployed sensor and can be reported.

The gunfire locator is also referred to as gunshot detection systems. The sensors in this system are excited by the vibrations from the gun shot and detect a time series seismogram. This is a type of electrical pattern caused by the gun being fired. The sensor system converts this energy into an electrical signal, so it can be processed. Sophisticated software algorithms are then used to analyze the signal. This displays the source’s energy content including vibration and time frequency. This analysis is automatic and conducted in real time. This reveals if there was a gunshot, so an alert can be sent to the interface. For additional information please visit here.

The energy distribution is revealed by the gunshot spectrogram. The greater the frequency of the energy, the closer the colorization is to the red end of the spectrum. These computational techniques report exactly where the shot was fired. Even underground, the location of the source can be pinpointed with accuracy due to the acoustic or seismic vibrations. The alerts are transmitted using minimal information bytes. This enables the information to be displayed using any user interface. This is a very straightforward surveillance and security system. The system can also be used to provide clues for customer service elements such as UAV’s or cameras. For more details visit this site.

The transient signal is different depending on what type of gun was fired. This data can be classified to correctly detect a gunshot. The spectrogram reveals the frequency range to improve the accuracy of the gunshot alert. This system was originally designed to detect gunshots fired with malicious intent to cause damage to property, critical infrastructure facilities, disrupt facility functions, cause massive power losses causing decreased safety to public services and to help prevent the need for expensive replacement and repairs. It is critical when the detection of gunshots occur, a report is immediately sent with actionable information to inform personnel there is an armed threat.

The reporting capabilities and gunshot detection should be integrated into a potential or existing security system installation for the best possible results. This will also help decrease both the complexity and the cost. This type of system is protecting gas and oil assets, assets with high values, critical infrastructures and motor vehicles. This system can also identify threatening situations identified with unauthorized footsteps and digging.