How to Pick Appropriate TV Size for Your Home?

People buy a TV set without considering room, where they will view. This can cause lower than ideal experience when you watch movies or TV shows. Choosing an ideal Vu TV size involves plenty of aspects to consider besides the sheer size of new set.

  • What’s ideal viewing distance?
  • What’s the room size and the TV position?
  • What about the picture quality vs.TV size?

Tips to pick appropriate TV size

Will the TV fit in the allocated space?

Before you go shopping for a new TV set decide the location, where you desire to install it. Measure the locations width, height and depth. There may be possible constrains due to amount of wall space. You can match the measurements with the potential TV you like. The measurement needs to match the whole TV dimension and not the screen. The reason is that some 55” screen televisions have physically large cases, so look at overall dimension for proper fit.

What is the stands width?

If you don’t wish to mount it on the wall then you will have to use the stand. Today, you will find that TV has feet, which are at far edges. So, make sure that the space you wish to position the TV is wide enough to provide accommodation for the stand.

What is the viewable distance for the TV?

You will need to consider the distance from seating arrangements to the screen. Use a simple calculation – measure distance from seating arrangements to TV screen in inches and then multiply it by 0.84. You will get the perfect screen size. An average recommended size for majority of living room is minimal 50” screen size. It means if you purchased 50” TV then place it between 50” – 70’ away from the sofa. Technically, you can go big but ensure not to sit 4 feet from the TV screen.

If you wish to hang TV on wall then add a couple of foot to viewable distance, which makes a difference between 60” and 72” model. If you use the TV including stand then consider the depth and furniture you plan to place it on.

Screen size & resolution

TV screens are diagonally measured, it means from one corner to opposite corner. Resolution also needs to be considered. High resolution means you can sit closer before noticing image pixilation. This means you can be seated very close to 4K TV than you can with a 1080p. It is crucial factor, while determining screen size because you can be seated near to 4K TV and will not need a large one to fill viewing field as you could with 1080p. You can compare resolution on CompareRaja and get an ideal deal.

Size versus picture quality

One reason not to invest in biggest available TV and that is picture quality. Even if you have a good budget to get the biggest TV screen then you will need to make little sacrifices on the picture quality. It is good to balance picture quality and size for enjoying your long-term TV watching.

Your comfort levels

Typical TV fans sit 9 feet away from the screen to enjoy images comfortably. May people sit far away, so pixels don’t add to your equation? Feel free to experiment with new TV set placement and spot your comfortable viewing distance because going a little bigger will not hurt.