How SEO Works and Who to Hire

Owning an online business is a great way to become your own entrepreneur and have a career from the comfort of home. Unfortunately, because of all the other people who have dreams of owning their own companies online, there’s no shortage of online-based businesses and things can get rather competitive. No matter how original you think your company’s idea happens to be, there’s likely thousands of other companies just like your own. Due to this competition, you need to market and advertise your company in a way that brings in new clientele and takes customers away from your competition. This is often done by hiring an expert Houston SEO Company

What is Search Engine Optimization? 

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a form of marketing that uses search engines to generate hits to your site. SEO will increase your rank on a search engine, which makes it easier and quicker for people to find your website and visit it if they’re interested. Without proper search engine optimization, when someone does a search for your site or uses keywords pertaining to your site, your actual page might not be seen on the very first results page. SEO gets rid of this problem by getting your site’s URL and keywords to rank higher on popular engines like Google and Bing. 

Why It’s Best Left to the Pros 

It might seem easy enough to do search engine optimization on your own to save time and money, but it’s not as effortless as you might think. In fact, if you fail to optimize your site properly, it can hurt your ranking on search engines. Google changed its algorithm back in 2011 to increase the quality of search engine results. This did away with keyword stuffing, which was an incredibly popular way to get sites to rank higher on search engine results. Now, you need high-quality content and carefully-placed keywords for SEO to work properly. Expert SEO companies know how all this works and can easily incorporate these changes into your site. 

What to Expect and How to Maintain 

After hiring an SEO company, they will get to work at marketing and advertising your company online. It is still your own responsibility to advertise locally, if you have a local-based business. It’s not uncommon for newly-integrated SEO to generate several hundred new hits within the first week. This can increase the more people search for and find out about your site, and the more services and quality content you offer on your site. Maintaining SEO is just as important as integrating it in the first place. The SEO company you hired can maintain the search engine results and marketing for you at an additional fee. Hiring the right professionals is also just as important as having the work done in the first place. Most companies will charge a few hundred dollars to begin working on your site’s SEO, but this varies depending on the size of your site and your marketing needs.