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Your HDW-F900 HIGH-DEFINITION Cine Alta: Brand-new Technology via Sony

The Sony HDW-F900 Cine Alta is often a ground smashing digital HIGH-DEFINITION camera that will extends the two digital heitage in the company and unrivalled experience inside art involving imaging. The actual physical resemblance in the HDW-900 on the very profitable Digital Betacam can be intentional, although there are many subtle nevertheless very pertinent changes that assist with further increase operational expertise and easier usage.

As a result of outstanding picture quality and freedom, this camcorder offers a whole new and important replacement for 24 figure film application for significant television productions and in many cases commercials also. The HDW-F900 is already known because digital video camera, suitable for exploring brand-new horizons inside making involving digital videos.

What genuinely separates your HDW-F900 via other HD camcorders is its capacity to capture along with record digital high-definition pictures – at all day and progressive fps, just as being a conventional video camera.

The transferring pictures are generally digitally imaged according to the widespread image formatting standard, that can specify a new sampling composition of 1920 productive pixels flat in a trench by 1080 productive pixels vertically. Why is the HDW-F900 consequently exciting can be that as well as recording in 24p, it is usually switchable for you to record in 25p, 30p modern scan, plus at 50 as well as 60 Hz interlaced.


Your HDW-F900 makes picture using amazing coloring reproduction exactness. The Adjustable Matrix function will likely offer exclusive possibilities pertaining to creating input by making it possible for selective coloring enhancement involving alteration. The Adjustable Matrix will likely allow certain colors to get selected plus the hue alterations over an array of 20 certifications.

Contrast craze

The HDW-F900 are designed for an remarkable contrast selection. For essentially the most demanding involving light adjustments and arena conditions, many useful detailed features can be purchased that let image optimization instantly to support capture the desired mood along with setting for the shot.

Delicate focus

The delicate focus adjustment is quite convenient in case you find digital camera images to get too shrap along with allows cinematic or maybe film similar to images to get created.

Adoptive details control

This attribute allows your image details enhancement inside highlight area to take a look even additional natural.

If you could have been looking to get the best high definition camcorder available, the Sony HDW-F900 would it be. This camera will give you plenty involving features along with options, over you may ever use in case you aren’t an experienced.

For pros, the HDW-F900 is the right way to do organization. The camera will give you solutions for specialized shoots, taking circumstances to new quantities. When some time comes to have the best HD camcorder available – your HDW-F900 is all you want.