Which one is better; Holographic sight or a Reflex sight?

For those who are planning to buy a sight but are confused between holographic sight and a reflex sight, here are few of the differences between them and some of their features as well. The best reflex sight for you would be Beileshi Red and Green Reflex Sight. Here, have a look on the difference between Holographic and Reflex Sight and then select the best for you.


So these are the main differences which one should be aware of;

  1. Projection System:

There is a difference in the projection system among these two sights. The difference is that the reflex sight used the LED and the objective lens and with the help of these two things, a reticle is created in the sight window, which helps the light to reflect for the shooters vision and it helps the shooter while on the other hand, holographic sight does not make a use of these, it uses mirrors and laser diodes. They both work together and creates a reticle for a shooter’s vision. Thought the light of the holographic sight is brighter than the reflex sight.

  1. Reticle:

If we talk about reflex sight’s reticle then let me tell you that it is more versatile and comes with more colors while on the other hand, holographic sight comes in limited shapes, for example; circle, points and etc. Holographic sight is not as versatile as the reflex sight.

  1. Size and Shape:

The shape and size of the sight basically depends on the projection system. Though reflex sights comes in a more of a tube form and on the other hand, holographic sights comes more in a square form. If you do notprefer a square shape sight, then you should definitely go for a reflex sight, as it has more to offer.

  1. Battery life:

If we talk through the point of view of a professional shooter, than holographic sight has more battery life than the reflex sight. So, if you are a professional shooter and you need more battery life then you should go for holographic sight but if you are a beginner and you just like shooting as a passion or a time pass then you should go for reflex sight.

So, these are the few differences between a holographic sight and a reflex sight. According to me a professional will chose a holographic one, but if you are a newbie then reflex sight if the perfect one for you, although for more information you can visit,