The best water cooler hacks to ensure an amazing trip

One of the keys to any successful parties is having great snacks. Whether you are planning a camping trip, a day out at the beach or a cookout, one of the most significant issues that can quickly ruin a party is to have your cooler decide to break down or underperform, producing melted ice, warm drinks and soggy snacks. However, with this indeed dope list of different DIY ideas to help you upgrade your cooler to make it perform the way you want it to.

  1. Water balloon hack.

One of the tricks that can help your ice to last for longer is to create bigger ice pieces. One of the coolest ways you can preserve your food items is to fill up and freeze some water balloons and then use these to insulate the food and drinks. When the ice melts, you can also use them to go for some water balloon fights with these.

  1. Lining the cooler

One of the material that can help you insulate your cooler to a professional grade is to use a material called reflectix, which is a bubble wrap that contains aluminium. This is a secret used by campers to keep your food and drinks cooled and insulated even if you are opening and closing the tub all the time. Wrapping your cooler can help you ensure that you have ice when you need it the most.

  1. Ice blocks

You can also create blocks of ice with the help of airtight plastic containers which you can buy in bulk for cheap with deals from DealVoucherz. Just fill them up, freeze and put the entire thing in the centre with the food around it, this can prevent the water from spilling in the food or drinks to ensure that the items don’t perish as easily.

  1. Creating a dry zone

You need something to separate the liquids and ice out from the solid food and ice to help ensure that your food stays dry and unspoiled for longer. Use waterproof boxes, plastic bags or some racks to keep your food fresh for longer.

  1. Wine box

Using boxed wine can help you create a good quality box to store all of your favorite types of drinks and cocktails by washing out the bags inside. These can be extremely easy to cool down and can be easy to pour with the help of a easy to pour spout on the boxed wine.

  1. Glow it up

Storing some glow sticks in the cooler can help you have some luminosity to the cooler to help you see whatever you have in the cooler without needing a flashlight.

  1. Transporting Eggs

If you are looking for something to help you transport eggs for a good omelette for yourself the next day, this is one of the best hacks to help transport the eggs. Use a water bottle to pour the eggs into the bottle and mark the level of each to ensure you get the perfect omelette or scramble.

  1. Making things matter

You can add some Velcro strips and attach plastic bags on the cooler lid to store some absolute essentials like straws, cutlery, napkins and hand sanitizers. You can also store your id or other important documents and keep them safe.

  1. Sealing Things Off

If you are really concerned about ensuring things are cooled as long as possible, buy some thin sheets of yoga mats or foam to cover the food to help provide the added insulation. Also keep it away from direct sunlight. You can also seal the box with bubble wrap and tape to add more insulation.