7 tips to create a presentation that will leave your viewers hooked

 Are you working on a presentation and confused on how to make it engaging? You are at the right place. We all know presentation is something that is used by almost everyone. People use it of varied functions from school projects to business presentation. All of us have to create a presentation every now and then. But have you ever wondered what is the most crucial part about presentations? Yes, it is the engaging factor that it must hold. The viewers of your presentation should easily understand it. In this article, we will talk about 10 tips to create a presentation that will leave your viewers hooked.

 1. Starting strong

 First impression must last long. Now let’s take you back to the last presentation that you heard- do you remember the first and final impression of that presentation? Most people do remember that. Therefore, it becomes important to work on delivering the opening and closing of your presentation powerfully. The audience attending the presentation becomes attentive with an interesting start. If you start with the presentation in a monotonous and boring way, your audience will immediately lose interest. So you need to pull your presentation from the start with a lot of energy.

2. Don’t include too much of information

The audience tends to take away only a few ideas from a speech- says Prince Kapoor. A very well known Greek philosopher made a rule called “Rule of Three”. This rule asks you to select only three most important ideas to present. Present these three ideas in the best possible way. We tend to infuse many facts and information in a presentation. But, it isn’t really a nice idea to include too much information. Just including the ones that are crucial, works amazing.

3. Take a glance test of the slides

 Including lengthy paragraphs that affects the readability of the presentation should be avoided. It is what kills the audience engagement. Instead, your audience should get the content and understand it at a very first glance. 

4. Include only content that supports your main points

The slide is like a canvas where you can present your information freely. Make good use of it by just including the essential points. Don’t deviate your audience to a different information. Whatever you include should be in relevance to your main point. Use templates, graphs, figures and pie charts for any extraneous details.

5. Make a dedicated handout

Don’t make a mistake of giving out the presentations. Rather prepare a dedicated handout that covers only the important information and visuals. This will help your audience to walk through the most relevant information easily. These handouts will help them to remember the information even after the presentation.

6. Involve your audience in the presentation

Your goal can be different from informing to persuading. The goal that you have will only be met if your audience participates actively. You can include a question in between the presentation. Taking opinions and experiences of the audience is also one good way. With a help of some visual support make your presentation even more understandable and communicative.

7.  Using images and icons 

Visual content is what helps everyone understand the concept easily. Some may say including images distract the audience and some say they add visual interest. The best option is to keep a balance of information and visuals. You should not include irrelevant images or icons. Only those pictures that add value to your message should be included.

I hope you find these tips helpful to create an awesome and engaging presentation. In case of any doubt or query, do let us know through your comments below.